HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)


The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application level protocol for join forces, dispersed the hypermedia information systems. It is the info communication protocol wont to initiate communication in the middle of client and server.

HTTP is TCP/IP form communication protocol, which is employed to convey the info like image files, query results, HTML files etc on the planet Wide Web (WWW) with the default port being TCP 80. It provides a standardized process for computers to speak with one another.

The elementary trait of HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol):

  • It is the protocol that permits web servers and browsers to interchange data online .
  • It is an invitation response protocol.
  • It makes use of the valid TCP connections by default TCP port 80.
  • It is stateless means each request is taken into account because of the new request.Or you can say, the server does not accept the user by default.

The elementary Features of HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol):

Three fundamental features which make the HTTP an easy and powerful protocol that can be used for communication are:

  • HTTP is media liberated: It specifies that any sort of media content is often sent by HTTP as long as both the server and therefore the client can handle the info content.
  • HTTP is connectionless: it's a connectionless approach during which HTTP client i.e A browser makes the HTTP request and after the request is shipped the client disconnects from the server and waits till the response comes.
  • HTTP is stateless: The client and server are conscious of one another during a current request only. Afterwards, both of them forget one another. Thanks to the stateless nature of protocol, not either the client nor the server can retain the knowledge about differentiate requests across the online pages.

The fundamental Architecture of HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol):

The given diagram show the essential architecture of web application and represents where HTTP stands:

HTTP is the request or response protocol which is predicated on client/server based architecture. During this protocol, browsers , search engines, etc. behave as HTTP clients and therefore the Web server like Servlet behaves as a server.