Deprecated Features & Options


JDK 10 launch has deprecated some API’s, attributes and options in Java Library. Some important details about it are given below.

  • SNMP Monitoring Support deprecated − jdk.snmp module carry SNMP monitoring and control support for the JVM is now deprecated and is marked forRemoval=true.
  • java.security classes deprecated − java.security.{Certificate, Identity, IdentityScope, Signer} classes are now deprecated and are indicated as forRemoval=true.
  • javax.security.auth.Policy API forRemoval − The deprecated javax.security.auth.Policy is indicated as forRemoval=true.
  • APIs marked for removal − Following APIs are also indicated for removal in

Java 10 launch as their standalone executions are readily available.

  • java.activation
  • java.corba
  • java.se.ee (aggregator)
  • java.transaction
  • java.xml.bind
  • java.xml.ws
  • java.xml.ws.annotation